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Men who have passed the big 5-0 and want to get back into shape!

About Muscle Building For Men Over 50 Michael BannertMaybe you added a few pounds over the years

and now you want to lose fat and add some muscle…

That is exactly what Dave Banion wanted to do…just check out his short Testimonial:

BeforeAfterDaveBanionimageDave Banion, age 53: … Michael’s system is the only one that has actually worked for me. First of all I dropped over 100lbs in the course of a year. When I started with Michael’s system I was pre-diabetic, I had elevated liver enzymes, and I was on medicine for blood pressure. I no longer need any medicine, I am not in danger of becoming a diabetic and I am in the best shape of my life. My self-esteem and confidence is back and I feel like a 18 year old again.I promise you, you won’t be sorry for signing up to FitManOver50…

There are more Testimonials, but let me very briefly tell you why I created this free video for you:


Over the past 30 years I added a few extra pounds…I kinda got a bit lazy, added a “spare-tire” around my waist, too many hours sitting, too many comfort foods (and beers!) and no exercise. Sounds familiar?

Then one day my wife poked me in the gut and asked “Hey, where is the handsome man I married?” She meant it in a joking, playful way…

.. but to me it was a massive wake-up call!

Muscle Building for Men over 50 - Michael before Burn The Fat Challenge imageSo I decided to get lean, fit and add some muscle.

But when I was looking for information on the internet on how to achieve my fitness goals I only found these 20-something, super buffed, six-pack toting muscle machines pushing huge weights and doing impossible repititions.

There was nothing there that worked for a guy in his 50’s. I hurt myself a couple of times trying to do what they taught. Most of the stuff didn’t work, and some of it was downright dangerous!

I realized I had to come up with a special program, designed for us guys.

I spent months and months researching what are the best systems for Men over 50 to melt fat and get lean muscle.

I wasted a ton of money on worthless muscle-building-courses.

I interviewed Personal Trainers, Doctors and Nutritional Experts.

Through months of trial and error I designed my own successful program to work around existing injuries, strengths and weaknesses.

Man – I tell you – it was trial by fire!!!

Many times I failed but I never stopped. I wanted my wife to be proud of me again.

And eventually I developed a great system, and once I knew exactly what to do I became unstoppable……………


I completely transformed myself, dropping 12pounds of fat (that’s 5.5kg) , and added 11 pounds (5kg) of lean, solid muscle to my frame in 45 days. The proof is in the pictures below:

Muscle Building for Men over 50 - Michael after Burn The Fat Challenge imageDropping 5% of my body fat also had the added bonus of smashing my high cholesterol level back down to normal in those 45 days, and it stayed normal ever since. I sleep better, have more energy and fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 20 years!


Then one day a friend at the gym suggested I should compete in a Body Building competition. At first I scoffed at the idea, but then warmed up to it – another challenge, another goal, why not? I had nothing to lose and an exciting experience to gain.


So I studied some more. I tweaked my successful system, trained smarter than ever and used some secret mind hacks to win the title in my age-group – The Grand Master.

Everyone at the gym now calls me “The Grand Master”  as a sign of respect, can you imagine what that feels like!

Michael Bannert Men over 50 the result image

With the success came questions from middle-aged guys asking me: “How did you do it? Can you help me, can you teach me to do the same?”

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